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Betriebsstatus HB9HD und HB9W (Analog und D-Star)

  Oberheid HB9HD:    
70cm Oberheid/TG 438.9250 MHz (-7.6 MHz), TSQ 71.9 Hz FM
2m Oberheid/TG 145.5875 MHz (-0.6 MHz) D-Star
  Fronalpstock HB9HD:    
70cm Fronalpstock/SZ 439.275 MHz (-7.6 MHz), TSQ 71.9 Hz FM
10m Fronalpstock/SZ   29.650 MHz (-0.1 MHz) FM
  Winterthur HB9W:    
70cm Winterthur/ZH 439.450 MHz (-7.6 MHz) D-Star






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